Incredible :Rangers and Celtic are admitted to the Daily Record

Incredible :Rangers and Celtic are admitted to the Daily Record

Although Chris Sutton acknowledges that Rangers have been “pretty average” lately,

he praises Philippe Clement for leading the team to victory at Ibrox.

Sutton also revealed that, despite having an ordinary team at his disposal,

Clement has done a “fine job” of making the most of the group thus far,

with the Gers currently holding a commanding lead over Celtic in the Scottish Premiership title battle.

“Long-term and a bigger picture in terms of Europe season would be concerning enough,

but fans should be more concerned about the here and now because Rangers are right behind Celtic,”

the author said. Philippe Clement is performing admirably. To be quite honest, they are mediocre,

but the manager is managing to bring out the best in them and produce outcomes.

Celtic and Sutton sense the pressure from the Rangers

Incredible :Rangers and Celtic are admitted to the Daily Record
Incredible :Rangers and Celtic are admitted to the Daily Record

The former Celtic striker seems to be feeling the heat from Clement’s team following

their decisive victory over Aberdeen, which has undoubtedly caused the Hoops to become

increasingly anxious as the race for the Scottish Premiership title heats up.

While Sutton isn’t afraid of the Rangers team at the moment, he is undoubtedly intimidated

by Clement’s influence and development as well as Ibrox, and their cross-town opponents

at Parkhead may share this sentiment as well.

Recent performances from Celtic have been lackluster, therefore it is critical that the Gers

maintain their pressure on Rodgers’ team because that is all they can do in a very competitive

fight for the championship.

Nobody can dispute the amazing work being done under Clement’s direction,

and the fact that he took over the team from Michael Beale makes it even more remarkable.

With the team molded after him, just think of what the Belgian could accomplish.

Two additions that indicate the change being made are Oscar Cortes and Mohamed Diomande,

who were brought in during the transfer window to Ibrox.

Rangers’ play and the intensity and ferocity he requires in every game have both significantly

improved under Clement.

The Light Blues have won 19 of their last 23 games, making them a real danger for the first time since Steven

Gerrard’s time. Much of the credit for this must go to Clement, who has completely changed the culture at the team.

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