The 2 Must-Have Players Broncos Need in the 2024 NFL Offseason

Broncos’ Offseason Must-Haves: The 2 Players That Could Change the Game

Broncos’ Offseason Must-Haves: The 2 Players That Could Change the Game

Broncos’ Offseason Must-Haves: The 2 Players That Could Change the Game

The Denver Broncos are concentrating on strengthening their roster as the 2024 NFL offseason approaches in order to increase their level of competition. They had an 8-9 record at the end of the 2023 season and missed the playoffs. The team’s current goal is to carry out calculated moves to address important areas that need to be improved. The Broncos might take the proactive approach of pursuing trades for players that have the kind of effect that can instantly improve their on-field performance. In order to bolster their roster and improve their chances of winning the 2024 NFL season, the Broncos should focus on these two players in the offseason.

The 2023 Broncos season
Following the final siren in the Broncos’ Week 18 loss to the Raiders, both teams gathered at midfield for the traditional post-game handshakes. The disappointed but receptive supporters praised the Broncos for their tenacity and unwavering effort even when they lost in the end.

Analyzing the game and the season as a whole demonstrates the wide range of difficulties the Broncos faced. The squad dealt with hardship every week, from dealing with injuries to dealing with inconsistent play. Still, the Broncos showed moments of genius and a strong sense of unity as a team. Recall that they defeated playoff clubs like the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Cleveland Browns during a fantastic five-game run from Week 7 to Week 12.

There’s a tangible sense of commitment and optimism among the players, coaching staff, and fan base as the Broncos get closer to the summer. There is a general sense of excitement about getting back together and coming back stronger next season.

The Broncos are hoping to learn from their past mistakes and become even better as they start a new chapter. With the backing of their passionate supporters, the Broncos are ready to start a fresh journey toward success in the upcoming campaign.

Considerations for the Off-Season
Reclamation projects find an appealing destination in the Broncos. That’s considering their present issue with the pay cap. Recall that, according to Spotrac, they presently make $25.5 million more than the salary ceiling. They therefore tend to favor low-risk, high-reward strategies. A few intriguing players might be in line with this tactic.

Remember that the Broncos had one of the highest-paid receiving corps in the NFL in 2023. They did not, however, meet the expected production level. This offseason, a lot of questions surround the position group. This might set the stage for a thorough redesign.

The two top players that the Denver Broncos need to acquire in a trade during the 2024 NFL offseason are examined below.

Jaycee Horn, CB
The Denver Broncos should give Carolina Panthers cornerback Jaycee Horn some thought. He is in the same draft class as Patrick Surtain II, the cornerback with the Broncos.

In the 2021 NFL draft, Horn was chosen just one pick ahead of Surtain. But since then, their job paths have become very different. Indeed, Surtain has become a truly exceptional talent. Entering the fourth year of his rookie contract, Horn faces an uncertain future due to problems with his injuries. Targeting underperforming players with rookie contracts makes sense given the Broncos’ financial situation.

At six feet one, Horn suffered a major loss during his debut campaign. He had a foot issue that kept him out of all but three games. The next season, Horn made a comeback and played in 13 games. Then, with three interceptions and seven passes deflected, he demonstrated his ball handling abilities.

For the upcoming season, Denver presently has contracts with five different cornerbacks. Among them is Damarri Mathis, who played in all 17 games and started six of them the previous season. Riley Moss, a special teams player who is largely a 2022 third-round pick, is also available. The Broncos would gain another tall, rangy cornerback with skill at ball-hawking with the addition of Horn.

Azeez Ojulari, EDGE

In 2023, the Broncos had trouble applying pressure to opposing quarterbacks. In terms of sacks past season, they were ranked ninth-lowest. For the same reason that Horn is being pursued, we believe that Azeez Ojulari of the New York Giants, a pass rusher, would be a solid trade target.

Ojulari, a 2021 second-round selection, is 23 years old. During his debut campaign, he recorded 8.0 sacks. But in the seasons that followed, his output decreased. In the last two years, he has only amassed 8.0 sacks.

He is very close to the end of his $6.8 million, four-year contract. Ojulari becomes a viable trade candidate as a result. The Giants do, however, have more over $27 million in salary cap room. This implies that they may be able to keep Ojulari without running into financial difficulties if they can hope for a turnaround in his performance. It also implies that if the Broncos hope to have Ojulari on their roster in 2024, they will need to put up a compelling offer.

Gazing Forward
The Denver Broncos’ intention to improve their competitiveness in the upcoming season is demonstrated by their pursuit of smart trades to bolster the team. The Broncos are able to address important areas of need with the addition of Jaycee Horn and Azeez Ojulari. Horn’s length and ability to create plays may strengthen the secondary if he were to join. Ojulari, meanwhile, promises to bring the pass rush back to life.

Fans of the Broncos are excited to see what the team will do as the offseason progresses. They’re hoping for a comeback that puts them in the running. Keep in mind that the NFL offseason is a dynamic and erratic environment. Nevertheless, the Broncos work to position themselves for success in the challenging landscape of professional football with thoughtful moves and smart additions.

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