One of the greatest days in Steelers history

One of the greatest days in Steelers history

One of the greatest days in Steelers history

Chuck Noll and Art Rooney Sr. are two Hall of Fame icons, thus the Steelers have a special place in history on this day. But this day in Steelers history was not all that happened.

Arthur J. Rooney Sr. was born in Coulterville, Pennsylvania, on January 27, 1901. Founder, President, and Board Chairman (1933–88)

Art Rooney Sr. was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1964

One of the greatest days in Steelers history

As cliche as it may sound, the Pittsburgh Steelers would not have a history if it weren’t for this day in history.

Dan and Margaret Rooney welcomed Arthur J. Rooney Sr. into the world on January 27, 1901, in the tiny Pennsylvanian village of Coulterville.

The family moved to Pittsburgh in 1913, and Rooney went to Duquesne University Prep School and St. Peter’s Catholic School there. After graduating from college, he pursued a career as a boxer and played minor league baseball. However, it was in 1933 that he transformed Pittsburgh’s and the National Football League’s landscape when he paid $2,500 for the team.

Rooney was a major contributor to the NFL-AFL merger and ensured the Steelers continued existence during the Great Depression, World War II, and other difficult periods. During the war, the team even merged with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1943 and the Chicago Cardinals in 1944.

Referred to as “The Chief” by his players and supporters, Rooney resisted attention and stepped down in 1974 when the team won its first Super Bowl following 40 years of hardship.

In the 1970s, Rooney’s Steelers won four Super Bowls in all, and his legacy will endure forever in both NFL and Steelers history. In 1964, he was admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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