Justification for Oklahoma’s Inclusion in the 2025 OL Thomas Tyler

Justification for Oklahoma’s Inclusion in the 2025 OL Thomas Tyler

Tyler Thomas, a promising player from Dickinson, Texas,

recently shared with AllSooners that the University of Oklahoma (OU) remains a top choice for him,

even after he accepted their offer last June.

Thomas, a 3-star offensive lineman set to graduate in 2025, caught the attention of Oklahoma’s scouts at the Brent Venables Elite Camp the previous summer, earning himself an offer.

The 6-foot-4, 310-pound lineman had attended OU’s camp hoping for this opportunity,

impressing the coaches with his exceptional foot speed and prowess in one-on-one drills.

His performance drew offers from notable programs like Texas and Mississippi, with Oklahoma being the latest Power 5 school to express interest in this athletic lineman.

Following consistent and effective communication with Bill Bedenbaugh and his team, Thomas included OU in his top eight choices, announced in early December.

Thomas has built a good rapport with Bedenbaugh, and he confirmed to AllSooners that OU is still a strong contender in his recruitment process.

He is particularly impressed by the track record of Bedenbaugh, especially in guiding players to the NFL, citing Jaguars offensive lineman Anton Harrison, a former OU tackle, as an example.

Under Bedenbaugh’s mentorship, Orlando Brown, a 4-star recruit from high school, was drafted in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft after four years at OU. Brown has since achieved four Pro Bowl selections and won a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Similarly, Trent Williams, from Longview, Texas, spent four years at OU before being the fourth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He has earned a reputation as one of the NFL’s elite offensive linemen with three All-Pro and eleven Pro Bowl selections.

Justification for Oklahoma's Inclusion in the 2025 OL Thomas Tyler
Justification for Oklahoma’s Inclusion in the 2025 OL Thomas Tyler

Lane Johnson, initially a walk-on tight end at Kilgore College, Texas, transferred to play tackle at Oklahoma for his final two years.

This switch led to his selection as the fourth overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Johnson has two Super Bowl victories, five Pro Bowl appearances, and an All-Pro selection to his name.

Harrison, drafted in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, started as a tackle in all 17 games for the Jaguars this season.

Bedenbaugh’s coaching philosophy seems to align well with Thomas’s style and attitude.

Dickinson’s head coach, John Snelson, describes Thomas as a dedicated,

hardworking player who values learning and never shies away from a challenge.

Snelson praises Thomas’s physical attributes and on-field skills, highlighting his impressive size, strength, and technical proficiency.

Thomas’s ability to engage at the second level and complete blocks, a trait common in Bedenbaugh’s linemen, is also noted.

Thomas has grown more physical and assertive over his time with the Gators,

becoming a key leader and a strong presence in the locker room.

Snelson recalls Thomas’s evolution from a competent but less aggressive player to someone who relishes the challenge of finishing blocks.

Bedenbaugh’s track record of developing physically assertive players who can dominate on the field,

like Ben Powers, who joined Norman from Butler Community College and later made it to the NFL,

demonstrates his coaching effectiveness.

Despite Thomas’s interest in OU and Bedenbaugh’s proven success,

the Sooners must outcompete several strong programs to secure this 2025 recruit.

Thomas’s top eight include Oklahoma, Houston, Texas, Penn State,

Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas A&M, and LSU.

He recently visited the local Cougars and plans to visit the Aggies soon.

While Thomas hasn’t set a commitment date, Oklahoma,

focusing on bolstering its offensive line for the 2025 class,

appears to be a leading contender for his commitment.

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