Ex-Cowboys WR Says Micah Parsons is ‘Most Selfish Player’ on Roster

Ex-Cowboys WR Says Micah Parsons is ‘Most Selfish Player’ on Roster

As the Dallas Cowboys move on from their playoff exit, a former Cowboys wide receiver is taking aim at linebacker Micah Parsons.

Ex-Cowboys WR Says Micah Parsons is ‘Most Selfish Player’ on Roster
Ex-Cowboys WR Says Micah Parsons is ‘Most Selfish Player’ on Roster

Parsons has arguably been Dallas’ best player since entering the NFL, but Jesse Holley has serious criticism for the 24-year-old.

Holley was a former wide receiver for the Cowboys who appeared in 28 games in 2010 and 2011.

Holley attacked Parsons in a recent Ray Ray’s Podcast broadcast.

The former receiver thinks Parsons is just looking out for himself, even if he doesn’t criticise his performances.

Holley remarked, “I think Michah Parsons is the most self-centered player on this football team.

” Micah Parsons believes that playing linebacker entails too much responsibility, which is one of the reasons he

does not want to do so. Perhaps it’s just his youthful nature.

Micah has no desire to learn. Although Micah doesn’t want to concentrate, I firmly think Micah wants to succeed for Micah.

Following Parsons’ recent troubles against the Green Bay Packers, angry remarks have been made.

With one single tackle in the Divisional Round, Parsons was inconsequential after recording 14 sacks during the regular season.

It’s unclear, though, where Holley is coming from. Though he might be privy to inside information about Parsons, the

exchange seems to be that of an outsider observing from the inside.

Micah Parsons Drops Possible Response

Anyone that has followed the Cowboys and Parsons over the past few years knows that the pass rusher isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

And while Parsons did drop a response on X, it appears that the 2-time All-Pro is taking the high road.

“Yall just want a reaction outta me it’s not going to work lol ! Im at peace ! Love !” Parsons wrote on January 26.

Although Parsons isn’t directly responding to Holley’s remarks, it’s clear the Cowboys alum’s call-out is being mentioned.

Parsons might hold off on responding fully until his next episode, given that he has his own podcast.

And if Parsons is selfish, the Cowboys probably don’t want him to change. Parsons has 40.5 sacks over his first three seasons

and was a contender for a first-team All-Pro spot again in 2023.

Cowboys Will Have to Fork Out Cash for Parsons

Whether they decide to pay him this offseason or the next, Parsons’ impact calls for a huge second contract.

After he put together two elite seasons in 2021 and 2022, a big contract was forecasted, but 2023 has only further

cemented that he’s due for one of the NFL’s biggest deals.

The Cowboys are currently receiving a great deal of value from Parsons.

So far, he has cost the Cowboys less than $12 million, according to Spotrac.

However, according to Spotrac, his next contract needs be worth about $25.4 million annually in order to

compete with other elite edge rusher contracts or surpass them.

For instance, T.J. Watt, a standout player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, makes $28 million year from his new contract.

Spotrac’s estimate might even be low because it’s difficult to believe Parsons and his agent David Mulugheta wouldn’t want to top that.

Either way, the bill is coming for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

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