Cowboys To Hire Belichick, Fire McCarthy – in 2025!?

Cowboys To Hire Belichick, Fire McCarthy – in 2025!?

When are we going to give up on this? It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that Bill Belichick is still unemployed.

Since departing the New England Patriots, the six-time Super Bowl champion hasn’t even conducted an interview with a

team other than Atlanta.

Cowboys To Hire Belichick, Fire McCarthy - in 2025!?
Cowboys To Hire Belichick, Fire McCarthy – in 2025!?

Moreover, Raheem Morris was just hired by the Falcons in place of him.

Belichick, who was supposedly “coveted” and the target of a “bidding war,” according to his national media friends, is

suddenly finding it difficult to get seats in the game of “Musical Chairs,” complete with the careless “reporting” that led to the

Dallas Cowboys hiring him to replace Mike McCarthy.

Now that the bar has been raised, we are projecting for February of 2025 in the McCarthy/Belichick model.

“What happens if Mike McCarthy and the Dallas Cowboys can’t come to an agreement? In the wake of the depressing image

of this legendary septuagenarian coach stumbling along dejectedly in the NFL unemployment queue in a frayed sweatshirt,

beggar’s tin cup in hand, my pal Ian Rapoport noted this week, ‘There is Bill Belichick looming’.

Rap is someone I respect and who isn’t inherently “wrong.” It’s “possible” in the same way that he could one day become the

head coach of one of the 32 NFL teams.

And I’m grateful that he acknowledged the ridiculous fascination of it all.

Rap stated: “I’m here for it all—the amount of TV time we’re going to spend with ‘Will Belichick eventually take over for X –

‘Insert Name of Coach’ is going to be epic!'”

Rap’s zeal and effort are much appreciated here. However, I feel somewhat differently:

This material reflects incredibly immature guesswork.

A 12-month forecast on the NFL coaches of 2025? Me? I don’t have the energy or excitement for it.

To be honest, I’m already exhausted from it—a “Coaching Carousel” that’s being filled up a full year ahead of schedule? So

perhaps something better than “filling TV time” with Belichick’s hiring by Jerry Jones? Give it up.

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