Kansas City Chiefs could replace Donovan Smith with Green Bay Packers left tackle in 2024

Kansas City Chiefs could replace Donovan Smith with Green Bay Packers left tackle in 2024

Once more, the Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl.

They are unquestionably the NFL’s team to beat,

having won three titles in the previous five years in addition to back-to-back titles.

That does, however, also imply that they will be a target for years to come.

After winning their third Super Bowl, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did not win another one for almost ten years.

The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes better hope they don’t have to wait too long.

The Chiefs must strive to improve their roster in order to maintain their position atop the NFL,

while the other 31 clubs are virtually definitely making similar efforts.

Their offensive line, especially at tackle, is one area where they can still do better.

To stay at the top of the NFL, the Chiefs will need to keep improving their roster,

and the other thirty-one teams are almost certainly doing the same.

One area they can still improve is their offensive line, particularly at tackle.

In 2023, the Chiefs inked Donovan Smith to a $3 million one-year contract to guard Mahomes’ blind side.

He performed well enough to finish the job, as seen by the Super Bowl triumph.

Nevertheless, Smith will be over 30 in 2024 and took on 53 pressures in total in 2023

—the third most and third-worst of his career. That was the most pressure he had let himself since his second NFL season.

The Chiefs could be better off letting Smith depart in free agency this year due to his diminishing play.

In order to avoid spending the majority of their budget space on one player at one position,

Kansas City, which will have $23 million in cap room to work with in 2024,

is probably going to hunt for another deal in free agency.

Yosh Nijman, a swing tackle for the Green Bay Packers,

is one soon-to-be free agent who would fit in nicely.

Zach Tom and Rasheed Walker, two youthful previous 2022 draft selections

appear to be Green Bay’s tackle prospects of the future.

Nijman did not receive as much playing time as he had in previous seasons because of their emergence in 2023.

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