Dan Campbell Must Adapt If Lions Want To Hold Off Packers In 2024

Dan Campbell Must Adapt If Lions Want To Hold Off Packers In 2024

Dan Campbell Must Adapt If Lions Want To Hold Off Packers In 2024

Campbell made a strong impression in 2023 with his all-out coaching approach, which included going for it on practically every critical fourth-down situation the Detroit Lions faced. That concept was much more than a strategic decision depending on the Lions’ position in any one game. It was all about instilling a dominant mentality in the team, demonstrating that there was no reason to be satisfied or even happy with three points per possession instead of seven.

For the majority of the season, the Lions benefited from this attitude. The squad easily won the NFC North title, its first division triumph since 1993. The Lions also won two postseason games and almost defeated the 49ers  in the NFC championship game

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions

Campbell’s all-or-nothing, go-for-it approach cost him in the championship game. Perhaps Campbell will consider settling for three at crucial points in the future.

He obviously has to learn something from the championship game loss. Unless Campbell has a squad like the 1970s Steelers dynasty or the 1985 Bears, his team will not win every game. They are not going to dominate their opponent every week.

Coaching in the NFL is more than merely bludgeoning the opposition, as every championship-level coach knows. Campbell must add the strategic field goal or punt into his thinking. The Lions were losing 27-24 midway into the fourth quarter and had the ball at the Niner 30 on a fourth-and-three play, but instead of tying the score with a field goal, he had Jared Goff throw a deep bomb to Amon-Ra St. Brown, which sailed incomplete.

The Lions were deflated, and San Francisco stretched its lead to twelve points on the next drive, placing the visitors in an almost impossible situation.

It’s one thing to go for it in a midseason game against a losing team, but not against an outstanding opponent at the most important period of the season.

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