Supercomputer predicts chances of Rangers winning Europa League as competition resumes 

Supercomputer predicts chances of Rangers winning Europa League as competition resumes

Rangers have been given exactly a one-per-cent chance of winning this season’s Europa League by Opta Analyst.

The Irish are the 16th most probable squad to win the trophy in Dublin at the end of May, according to statistical analysts.

Liverpool is seen as the frontrunner (30.5 percent),

followed by Bayer Leverkusen (19.2 percent) and Atalanta (7.5%).Rangers have already advanced to the competition’s last 16

, having finished first in their group, and they have yet to learn who their next opponent will be.UEFA Europa League - Wikipedia

Rangers battle for trophies on numerous fronts.
Some will wonder why Rangers are so far down this list, behind Brighton and Hove Albion and Slavia Prague, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.

The Germans were similarly written off a few seasons ago their way to the final in Seville,

where they were defeated by Eintracht Frankfurt.

Philippe Clement’s players have been in excellent form since the Belgian’s arrival,

helping them finish first in their group in December.

As is always the case, Rangers’ journey to the final will have a significant impact on how far they advance.

Draw the big-hitters up next, for example, and the challenge gets much more difficult in their quest to win even more silverware this season.

Fans can now sit back and relax while the playoff qualifying doubleheaders take place over the following week.

Then enthusiasm may develop ahead of the European nights

, which return to Ibrox early next month.

In unrelated Rangers news, a BBC analyst has explained the differences between Gers and Celtic fans based on his observations.

The amount represents a significant increase from the three errors discovered in the first round of fixtures by the panel,

which is comprised of former players, managers,

and coaches led by specialists on the regulations of the game.

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