Rangers sent reported £17m transfer reminder as they want to sealed signature of clinical striker in summer

Rangers sent reported £17m transfer reminder as they want to seal signature of clinical striker in summer

PHILIPPE Clement is not thinking about uncorking the champagne just now even though his Rangers team will move to the top of the cinch

Premiership this evening if they defeat Ross County by three goals at Ibrox.

The Belgian understands that there is a long way to go and many games yet to play before the Scottish title is decided,

and he is, as he has been since arriving in this country in October, completely focused on the next game.

He has, however, taken some time to examine the advantages of his teammates breaking open a few beers.

Imagine him & Silva: Clement must unleash Rangers' "thriving" £22k-p/w wizard tonight - opinion

Clement expects high fitness levels,

complete commitment, and total professionalism from everyone who works for him,

but he also understands that having a good camaraderie in the dressing room is essential for any successful team,

and he is not opposed to his charges letting their hair down and having fun as a group.

He stated that he had sanctioned a night out on the tiles last month and expressed hope that the team

bonding exercise will allow Rangers to perform to their full potential in the Premiership, Scottish Cup,

and Europa League in the coming months.

“I planned a day a few weeks ago,” he told me. “I wanted them to go out together, and they did.

They had a great time.” It was a lot of fun two days later, too, while we were training!

“But those things are also really significant. People’s relationships are extremely important.

They must work hard together, but they must also trust one another.

They must be present when someone makes a mistake, thus maintaining these human interactions is critical.

“In that regard, it’s a truly beautiful dressing room at the moment.

The new players have already settled in. It is a very pleasant spot to visit.”

Clement continued: “You have to be savvy these days.

And you need to know when to go out. That’s the major difference in my day.

The game has grown significantly more severe than it was ten, twenty years ago.

As a result, there aren’t many opportunities to execute it well throughout the season.

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