“I don’t care” – Clement barks back as Gers star comes under fire

“I don’t care” – Clement barks back as Gers star comes under fire

In his brief tenure at Rangers, Philippe Clement has demonstrated that he is a team player

and can bring out the best in his players.

Although the manager of the Gers has watched many players in his team progress,

his unwavering support for Ross McCausland says volumes about the traits he loves most.

"I don't care" - Clement barks back as Gers star comes under fire
“I don’t care” – Clement barks back as Gers star comes under fire

The 20-year old has come in for some criticism on social media recently but Philippe Clement

feels that the Rangers winger is bound for larger things, reports The Herald.

Philippe Clement fires back to defend Ross McCausland

For McCausland, the season has flown by.

Prior to McCausland’s opportunity due to a catastrophic hamstring injury sustained by the England

youth cap, it was Zak Lovelace who was making an impression.

Making it out of the Rangers Academy is one thing, but maintaining your status is quite another.

The fact that the 20-year-old accepted a fresh, long-term contract offer and signed it demonstrates

how highly regarded he is currently.

If you can call it that, the issue is that Ross McCausland is scoring goals in the league at a pace of one per 1000

minutes, give or take, despite his impeccable play and indisputable effort rate.

Not quite what you would anticipate from a forward for the Rangers.

However, as anticipated, Philippe Clement has downplayed the criticism and asserted that McCausland

will only ever leave the Rangers in one direction:

“I don’t know what people are saying, but I don’t give a damn about what they think about my guys either.

“I see a player who was in the second team four months ago and who has already contributed significantly to

multiple games this season.

“Playing with the Rangers is a significant step up from playing for the second squad. It involves more than just

objectives and data. It has to do with everything else you do. How he wins balls, how he presses. How he maintains

the team’s possession. How he operates and moves around the building.

“His mindset, focus, and hunger will lead to an incredible career.” He won’t play for the Rangers

as his final or best team.

While Clement’s discussion on soft skills is valid, the gaffer is not a simpleton.

He will understand that McCausland needs to improve his stats because goals and assists

are the only things a winger is really evaluated on.

However, the truth is that he shouldn’t have to start so many games, and his late arrival

is the result of recruitment errors.

While Rabbi Matondo is beginning to generate results and Oscar Cortes has made a strong first impression, work

rate by itself is insufficient.

Although McCausland may have a fantastic career in the future, Rangers need more right now, regardless of what the

manager thinks. Philippe Clement may be correct.

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