Steelers set to sign Trevor Bauer and Matt Araiza

Steelers set to sign Trevor Bauer and Matt Araiza

Steelers set to sign Trevor Bauer and Matt Araiza

Trevor Bauer, the pitcher, and Matt Araiza, the punter, ought to sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Mistakes would be corrected. It would benefit both teams.

When nefarious acts are reported, we jump to judgment. However, when it comes to defending those who have been wrongly accused, we hesitate.

Both Bauer and Araiza are victims falsely charged with sexual assault. Completely cleared. They are completely innocent. Not a doubt, not a whisper, not an asterisk.

The 33-year-old Bauer has not pitched in Major League Baseball since 2021. He worked in Japan during the previous season.

Cincinnati and Bauer shared the 2020 National League Cy Young Award. Despite having a patchy career, he is capable of overwhelming.

He won the Ray Guy Award as the top punter in college football in 2021 after averaging an NCAA-record 51.2 yards per punt.

Mark Madden: Pirates, Steelers would be smart to sign Trevor Bauer, Matt  Araiza |

Steelers set to sign Trevor Bauer and Matt Araiza

Why are they both without teams? Why aren’t prospective employers bidding more for their services?

For three seasons, the Steelers put up with Pressley Harvin III’s ineptitude. Araiza’s signing appears to be a simple choice.

Araiza has never punted in the NFL, so don’t distrust him. That’s reaching far for incredulity. It is always the same to kick a ball. It is the same in professional and college settings.

According to Bauer, he would pitch for the $740,000 MLB minimum.

Bauer added that his agency tried to get in touch with the Pirates but was rejected.

How could the Pirates possibly do that?

The Pirates refuse to give Bauer $740,000k, but they are giving J.T. Brubaker $2.275 million.

According to reports, they are considering signing Domingo German. In 2019, he won 18 games, but only 11 since.

Never again will the Pirates have the opportunity to acquire a No. 1 starter who is flawless, much less at that cost.

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