Rangers board member insists club will follow through on £10m Ibrox mission 

Rangers board member insists club will follow through on £10m Ibrox mission

Rangers Chief Financial Officer James Taylor has described the club’s aims to bring a £10m pre-player trading loss to £0 as “eminently achievable”.

The Rangers board member was commenting following the club’s most recent financial accounts,

which revealed a £250,000 profit after player trade.

However, with intense focus on Rangers’ stalling player trading mechanism –

Gers could land £3m summer striker boost, he's on fire just now

Chairman John Bennett asking for a change when the numbers were disclosed

– closing the £10 million pre-player trading difference is crucial.

James Taylor has now spoken out about the matter in an exclusive interview with leading Ibrox fan site Four Lads Had a Dream.

James Taylor is “excited” about Rangers’ finances.
To begin with the positives,

Taylor hailed Rangers’ commercial growth, stating that the club’s revenues have once again exceeded £80 million.

The £250,000 post-player trade profit is another evidence of progress, with the club turning a profit for the second consecutive year.

“On a headline level, we did generate an operating profit so we highlighted that at the time,

” Taylor went on to say. “There was a £250,000 operating profit after player trading.

“And I will most likely draw the distinction between post-player trading and pre-player trading several times during this chat.

“That £250,000 was the second straight year of operating profit,

and considering where the club has been and where we are now,

we have to see it as a positive.

“Additionally, the revenue numbers were good

, exceeding £80 million for the second year in a row,

and I believe it is something we want to continue to build on, and that we will certainly see growth this year as well.

“We are quite excited by the continued commercial growth of the football club.

” Ibrox club prepares to close £10 million pre-player trading deficit.
James Taylor would then discuss Rangers’ plans to close the £10 million pre-player trade shortfall,

insisting the club is committed to delivering sustainability at Ibrox.

With the Gers aiming to close the difference through commercial money or European football,

the club is definitely committed to seeing it through.

“The challenges around your point of where we look to improve,

I think the chairman at the AGM was quite clear around the fact that pre player trading


– and when I say that I mean before any player gains on sales are recognised

and last year we had Bassey and Aribo to name two – and that is offset by player amortisation,” Taylor went on to say.

“So any costs linked with the players’ costs are recorded on the balance sheet and amortized over the term of the contract.

Before we take those into consideration,

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