Philippe Clement reveals details of the Rangers’ covert team outing, revealing six key insights.

Philippe Clement reveals details of the Rangers’ covert team outing, revealing six key insights.

Six Rangers news conference highlights as Philippe Clement shares details of a covert team outing

Philippe Clement is largely to blame for the great energy that Rangers are currently feeling.

Only a few months prior, the Ibrox team was in disarray and looking at yet another dismal season after trailing Celtic

by seven points, which led to Michael Beale’s firing. If the Light Blues defeat managerless Ross County by two goals

tomorrow night, they will have the chance to pass their fierce rivals at the top of the league for the first time this year.

The significance of the goal differential for Celtic

Philippe Clement reveals details of the Rangers' covert team outing, revealing six key insights.
Philippe Clement reveals details of the Rangers’ covert team outing, revealing six key insights.

“I find it offensive when individuals assert that teams are weak (Ross County). Both coaches and players who are

presented with an unexpected opportunity are always proud. This happened to me twice. You put in a ton of effort

every day and night and are highly motivated because I was the interim coach after a coach’s firing. As usual, we

expect a challenging game; we have to prevail, tear down the wall, and play above average with and without the ball.

Ross County is a different team than it was in the first half of the season after adding seven players over the winter


The key is rotation.

“I think playing the same team each week is against the rules in modern football.” It is evident that this is no longer

the case with Europe’s top teams. In modern football, you will never have the best team if you play 10 straight games

with the same eleven players, only giving them two days off and all the physical attributes they need to bring to the

field. That’s why, in order for them to share their experience, we need a larger staff with comparable skill levels.

Date night gone covertly

Yes, it is what we have also been working on. A few weeks ago, I even got them together for a game with the intention

of convincing them to go out together, which they did and had a blast. Two days later, when we were training, it was

much more enjoyable! Thus, those are likewise really important. Human relationships are extremely vital. They need

to put in a lot of effort together, but they also need to have faith in one another and support one another when

someone errs. Human connections are also very important. It’s a really excellent changing room right now in that


In light of the new players’ interviews, it seems like a great place to be right now. It’s helpful to have a reference point

from the beginning of the season, when things were much more challenging and stressful. Therefore, whenever I feel

that it’s necessary, I remind them of it. There is a lot of fun, but there is also a lot of hard work. Dressing Room


It’s hard for me to pick select one or two players, even if it’s vital. When new guys move into the building, I give them

advice on where to live, where to shop in Glasgow, and where to eat on their own. Right now, the group is working

together to perform a number of small chores, which shows how they have become a cohesive unit. I think it’s fun to

live with the team currently. They enter the building and are happy to be there, even after a day off. It pleases them

to be back. There is a positive mood that radiates and leads to other things. Therefore, it’s crucial that everyone

maintains their footing.

admiring the league standings in the event that Rangers win?

I refuse to glance at the league table. If we win the game, I will be pleased. That is all there is to it.

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