‘Impossible’ – Ally McCoist slams UEFA in new Rangers rant live on talkSPORT

‘Impossible’ – Ally McCoist slams UEFA in new Rangers rant live on talkSPORT

After claiming that only a small number of teams have the resources to win the Champions League, Ally McCoist became enraged with UEFA and suggested teams like Celtic and Rangers could no longer compete in the competition.

Ally McCoist
Ally McCoist

The Rangers icon brought up the teams that have advanced to the finals, including Porto, Marseille, and Red Star Belgrade, in response to a question about whether the Champions League has grown boring because the same teams compete to win it every year.

The financial disparity is too great, as demonstrated by Rangers and Celtic’s difficulties in the group stage, and it is only going to get bigger, according to McCoist, who claimed that this is currently impossible.

McCoist angrily declared, “Rangers and Celtic already find it, if not impossible, unbelievably difficult to compete in the group stages,” in a talkSPORT interview [08:14]. The great majority of that has to do with finances.

“It seems to me that the issue is that it will continue until only three or four clubs remain capable of winning it, and those three or four clubs are the wealthiest clubs in Europe.”

According to Ally McCoist, Rangers are unable to compete in the Champions League.

McCoist is correct in saying that the financial commitments made by teams like Manchester City, Real Madrid, PSG, and Bayern Munich make it impossible for clubs like the Old Firm sides to participate in UEFA competitions.

In football, the expression “The rich get richer” is frequently used, but it is most often used in reference to the Champions League. For teams like Rangers and Celtic, the money from UEFA tournaments is vital, but they never advance far enough to fully benefit from those rewards.

On the other hand, Manchester City anticipates making it all the way to the championship each year, and their earnings increase as they advance. The funds are reinvested in the team, and the cycle is restarted.

The wealthiest European clubs continue to separate themselves from the aspirational clubs at the bottom of the ladder, and even if the Champions League structure is changed, there is unlikely to be any relief from this disparity.

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