Gently hint that Celtic may receive 2,750 Ibrox tickets.

Gently hint that Celtic may receive 2,750 Ibrox tickets.

A few weeks back, we discussed the predicament the Rangers were in and their encouragement as they began to feel

more confident about taking home the championship in front of their fans. But when they examined the remaining

fixtures, something was bothering them, and through their blue-tinted spectacles, they realized that there was a

serious issue that needed to be resolved.

Gently hint that Celtic may receive 2,750 Ibrox tickets.
Gently hint that Celtic may receive 2,750 Ibrox tickets.

Now since every week will be close, there will probably be dramatic moments and some points that are dropped out

of the blue. The most notable aspect, though, is that both teams are aware that they will win the championship if they

win every game they play besides the Glasgow Derby, pick up three points at home, and draw their away game

against their rivals for the crown.

The whole Glasgow Derby ticket controversy began when a section of the Rangers fan base persuaded their board to

limit Celtic’s allocation from a full and complimentary Broomloan Road stand to that perilous corner. This was their

reasoning. Win their games at home versus Celtic, consider any success at Celtic Park to be a bridge too far, and then

focus on their performance against the other teams. In 2018, it was their only hope of even getting close to a title.

They did, of course, get one, but only after a worldwide pandemic intervened, and they were all seated on their

couches, watching. We all know that it’s not the same as actually being there.

Now let’s go back to this season. After seven Celtic fans were struck by glass projectiles hurled by the Rangers

fanbase, the Rangers have acknowledged that the corner is dangerous. The upcoming Glasgow Derby will take place

at Ibrox, and Celtic will not be selling tickets for it. Therefore, in the event of a standoff, there won’t be any Celtic

supporters present at this game, which the Rangers are sure they can win. This implies that there is no chance that

the Rangers will receive any away tickets for the rematch.

Recall that despite their best efforts, Celtic Point flatly rejected their request for tickets to the December game, and

the SPFL declined to take any more action. They won’t this time either.

What does it matter if they are heading to Celtic Park following the split in May with the intention of winning the

title, in their eyes, and if they have deprived themselves of the chance to be present for what would be the greatest

victory in the history of their new club?

The Rangers fans will be itching to see this game, as you would think, and the only way they can accomplish this is by

changing the ticketing for the game at Ibrox at the beginning of April.

And based on the speculation that surfaced today, it appears that the Rangers will provide Celtic 2750 seats for this

encounter; this is likely in addition to the amount of tickets that will be offered to them for the May meeting at Celtic

Park. The picture up top depicts Liverpool supporters having a great time at Ibrox. Does anyone remember the

outcome? That’s probably how things would appear if we carried out a comparable action at Celtic Park.

We spoke with a buddy of a friend “across the barricades” who has some knowledge into these issues throughout the

city after seeing the tweet below, and it does seem like there may be something going on here.

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