6 Rangers presser takeaways as Philippe Clement spills beans on secret team night out

6 Rangers presser takeaways as Philippe Clement spills beans on secret team night out

6 Rangers presser takeaways as Philippe Clement spills beans on secret team night out

Rangers are currently experiencing a positive vibe, which can be attributed in large part to Philippe Clement.

Just a few months ago, the Ibrox club was in chaos and facing another disastrous season after falling seven points behind Celtic, prompting Michael Beale’s dismissal. The Light Blues have the opportunity to overtake their bitter rivals at the top of the league for the first time this season if they overcome managerless Ross County by two goals tomorrow night.

It’s been a spectacular comeback, and if the Premiership trophy ends up in Govan in May, the title victory will be remembered as one of the club’s best in history. There is a long road ahead, but Clement is seasoned enough not to let his players lose sight of what may await them. The Belgian coach was in excellent spirits as he addressed to the media today, and Football Scotland has picked out the six most important aspects.

Injury update.

“Ryan Jack will not be in the squad since he is still recovering from an injury. Leon Balogun trained with a mask; we still need to modify the mask; I have normal experience with this.”

6 Rangers presser takeaways as Philippe Clement spills beans on secret team night out
6 Rangers presser takeaways as Philippe Clement spills beans on secret team night out

The importance of Celtic’s goal difference

“I don’t like it when people claim teams are vulnerable (Ross County). Players are always proud, as are coaches who are given an unexpected opportunity. I had this twice. I was the temporary coach when a coach was fired, so you are extremely motivated and give your all every day and night. We anticipate a difficult game, as we always do; we must win, break down the wall, and perform exceptionally both with and without the ball. Ross County added seven new players over the winter break, thus they are not the same team as they were during the first half of the season.”

Rotation is key.

“I believe modern-day football prohibits it (playing the same squad every week). You can see that with Europe’s elite teams, this is no longer true. If we talk about ten games in a row with the same eleven in modern-day football, with only two days of recovery and all the physical abilities they must bring to every game, you will never have the best team. That is why we need a larger team with similar skill levels, so they can share their experience.

Secret night out

“Yes, we have been working on it as well. I even bonded a game a few weeks ago with the goal of getting them to go out together, which they did and had a great time. It was a lot of fun two days later, too, while we were training! So those are also very significant. Human connections are really important. They must work hard together, but they must also trust one another and be present when someone makes a mistake. Human relationships are also highly crucial. In that sense, it’s a truly great dressing room at the moment.

According to the new players’ interviews, it’s a great place to be right now. It’s good to have an example from the beginning of the season, when things were lot more difficult and stressful. So, when I feel it is important, I remind them of it. It’s two distinct universes, but they must remain in heaven while keeping their feet on the ground. There is a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work.”

Dressing Room Characters

“It’s crucial, but it’s difficult for me to single out one or two players. When new guys come in, I tell them where to live, where to shop in Glasgow, and where to eat when they are alone in the building. There are numerous minor tasks being completed in the group right now, demonstrating that this group of persons has evolved into a cohesive unit. I now believe that life with the team is enjoyable. Even after a free day, they come into the building and are pleased to be there. They are pleased to be back. There is really good  vibe and out of that, other things come. So it’s important that everybody stays with their feet on the ground.”

Admiring the league table if Rangers finish first?

“I won’t look at the league table. I’ll be happy if we win the game. That is the only thing.

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