Rangers among sides interested in signing 26-year-old winger, face heavy competition for player:

Rangers among sides interested in signing 26-year-old winger, face heavy competition for player:

James Taylor says remaining free of financial losses is going to be a “challenging target” for Rangers, but he expects funds to be available to bring in more new signings in the summer.

The Gers’ chief finance officer, who was recruited last year,

provided an update on the club’s financial status in an exclusive interview with Stevie Clifford for Rangers Review [12 February].

Rangers spent about £20 million on a squad overhaul last summer and signed Mohammed Diomande for a reported £4.5 million in January,

with Fabio Silva and Oscar Cortes joining on loan.

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When asked about the Rangers’ future plans and how they want to avoid massive losses,

Taylor said: “There are a number of different components to how we make it go away.

“I think you will see across other football clubs that that is a hard aim,

to be clear, but I think it is one that we should set for ourselves and that we believe as an executive and a board that we can deliver on.

“Again, there are monies available that we will use to create the squad.

While we recognise it in one year, the financial benefit is spread across several years.

“As I say, it is important that the football board and the finance world are fully joined up

and I think we are beginning to see the merits and benefits of that football board as we move forward.”

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Rangers have learnt the hard way about the significance of staying out of debt.

The club’s financial situation has not been ideal in previous years,

but it is now being managed in a far more professional manner.

The goal for any club is to construct a successful squad while being financially viable,

which the Gers are on track to do.

While last summer’s transfer activity was problematic,

the club’s approach in January was far superior.

Philippe Clement and those in charge of finances now have a closer working relationship.

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