CeeDee Lamb contract? ‘Highest-paid always the goal!’

CeeDee Lamb contract? ‘Highest-paid always the goal!’

Dallas Cowboys CeeDee Lamb Contract? Being ‘Highest-Paid WR Always The Goal!’

CeeDee Lamb, a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, wants to be a “Cowboy for Life,” and the team shares his desire.

The All-Pro recently completed an incredible season with an NFL-high 135 receptions.

 CeeDee Lamb contract? 'Highest-paid always the goal!'
CeeDee Lamb contract? ‘Highest-paid always the goal!’

But Lamb wants something else. He is now scheduled to make $17.991 million on the fifth-year option in 2024, so he is due for a contract extension.

Lamb aspires to become the NFL’s highest-paid wide receiver ever.

Here in Las Vegas, Lamb stated on teammate Micah Parsons’ podcast, “I can’t give you… numbers right now.”

“But I will tell you this: if not the highest-paid receiver, at least one of the top paid receivers is what I aspire to be.

“That is always the objective.”

Tyreek Hill of Miami is currently the highest-paid wide receiver, earning $30 million on average year.

In terms of skill, output, and schedule, Justin Jefferson of Minnesota and Ja’Marr Chase of Cincinnati are likewise in the same class.

Lamb was quite honest about his areas for improvement (“I do need to grow up!,” he remarked, referring to a degree of

maturity that would help him in team leadership), and he made it obvious that winning a title is just one aspect of the job,

especially when working with “my dog,” Dak Prescott.

Lamb stated, putting an end to the pointless dispute sparked by his mother’s offensive remarks about the quarterback:

RI’m not at odds with my quarterback.

My dog understands that I adore him. We can certainly follow Dak (to a Super Bowl). He simply requires additional leaders.

And for that reason, I’m indicating myself. I am able to assist him. He already has a lot on his plate.

Of course, the Cowboys have other contractual worries, such as Micah Parsons’s potential for a contract extension and Prescott’s.

With regard to cap space, Parsons’ deal will be different from the other two; Dak and Lamb’s new agreements will, in fact, free up space for Dallas’ cap.

The Cowboys publicly stated that they had ranked the Oklahoma product as the third-best player in his class when they chose

Lamb with the 17th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. It has come out that they were correct. In the near future,

Lamb—who has emerged as a superstar—will likely be the focal point of Dallas’ pursuit of a Super Bowl victory.

“Absolutely,” Lamb said of his “Cowboy for Life” wish. “There’s no secret about that.”

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