4 Things About Dalano Banton, the New Blazers guard

4 Things About Dalano Banton, the New Blazers guard

The Boston Celtics traded Dalano Banton to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Dalano Banton of the Boston Celtics was acquired by the Portland Trail Blazers during the NBA Trade Deadline

last week, right before the deadline.

We had a conversation with Celtics Blog writer Adam Taylor to find out more about Banton.

When you learned that Dalano Banton had been moved by the Celtics, what were your first impressions?

To be honest, hardly many thoughts crossed my mind. This season, Banton has had difficulty getting consistent

playing time with the Celtics. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be moved to a rebuilding team that might be able to use

him in some capacity. Hopefully, he can secure a few minutes in that rotation.

4 Things About Dalano Banton, the New Blazers guard
4 Things About Dalano Banton, the New Blazers guard

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Banton’s strategy?

Rating. Banton has excellent court navigation skills and can run the pick-and-roll.

The way he normally arrives to his places is one of his strongest points. But he finds

it difficult to translate that navigation into points. It truly is a constraint on him.

Do you believe that by giving up a protected first-round pick for Banton, the Blazers overpaid for him?

A pick with a lot of protection for a big guard who has shown promise. Taking into account the amount

of work he will need to do and the patience the franchise will need to exercise with him,

I believe the price is reasonable. What is the limit of Banton’s tenure with the Blazers?

Is there a particular player that he brings to mind? He is a bit like the contemporary

Ben Simmons—not All-NBA Ben Simmons, just to be clear about that:)

Furthermore, since we’re only discussing ceiling, he is now far from being in close proximity to Simmons.

Nevertheless, he is a big, strong defender with excellent length and positional flexibility who can also

pressure the rim. His ability to finish through contact and gain strength might make him a useful

eighth or tenth player in the rotation.

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