Bags packed: Rangers set to complete double deal after talks breakthrough – sources

Bags packed: Rangers set to complete double deal after talks breakthrough – sources

Rangers Chief Financial Officer James Taylor has explained the club’s position in regards to UEFA rules and Financial Fair Play after what happened to Everton and Nottingham Forest.

Both Premier League clubs were accused with breaking financial rules,

prompting increased monitoring of all elite clubs

, but Taylor has underlined that the club has a strong connection with UEFA and is following the laws.

He did, however, imply that Rangers cannot be compared to Everton, Forest, Fulham,

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or Brighton due to the higher level of media money in England than in Scotland.

Taylor said on the Four Lads Had a Dream podcast [12 February]: “There are three pillars of monitoring,

and we’re effectively covered by all of them. The first category is overdue payables,

thus we must verify that no football obligations remain outstanding. Transfer fees, contingent transfer costs, and so on.

“The second is about football earnings and what you’d normally classify as FFP,

which you’d see down south in Everton and Nottingham Forest, in terms of long-term deficits.

“You calculate your profit and loss and add back a number of investments.

Make sure you stay inside your €5 million budget. Certainly, in the data we presented last year,

we were inside that range, so we’re satisfied. That is something you should keep an eye on going forward.

“A team like Rangers has a different commercial environment than Fulham or Brighton.

To anyone down south, the value of our media revenues compared to those in England

means that a good or bad European season can have a substantial impact on some of our football earnings.

When we make investments, we must ensure that they are sustainable.

“As a football club, we believe we are making development according to UEFA standards

. We have an excellent relationship with UEFA, which we want to retain in the future.”

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