‘Why not?’ – Finance Expert: Rangers take advantage to sign off on late transfer deal

‘Why not?’ – Finance Expert: Rangers take advantage to sign off on late transfer deal

Dan Plumley has insisted that Rangers have taken advantage of the Brazilian transfer window still being open to sign off on an exit for Jose Cifuentes.

With successful business being done at Ibrox, the football finance specialist acknowledged that there is no reason why Rangers shouldn’t take advantage of the chance.

Cifuentes is scheduled to undergo a medical examination in the coming days and join Cruzeiro on a one-year loan with a buyout option.

The window for him to join is open until March 7.

“If you’ve got that opportunity, why not take it,”

he exclusively told Ibrox News.  “You can look at this across this particular example with Rangers and the Brazilian market,

you can look at the Saudi market and how the European market works slightly differently to the Premier League and Scottish windows.

“If you’ve got that opportunity then why would not take advantage?Naturally,

it must be in the best interests of all parties involved,

but it presents a chance that other clubs do not have,

so if you can take advantage of it and earn a profit that way,

it is wise to be able to do so when necessary.

Philippe Clement arrives at Ibrox happy.

Philippe Clement undoubtedly made Cifuentes’ departure easier by

spending most of his money on Mohamed Diomande following an effective February window at Ibrox.

People might have been scratching their heads when the window slammed shut in February with no activity,

but Rangers have exploited other nations to get rid of some dead wood.

Once more, Rangers’ commercial decisions put them ahead of the competition.

The financial expert acknowledged that infractions could eventually result in a point penalty,

with the early penalties intended to have a negative financial impact on the team.

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