Shocking News: Rangers shock is disclosed amid increasing debate.

Shocking News: Rangers shock is disclosed amid increasing debate.

Rangers, Aberdeen, Motherwell, and other teams, according to Graeme McGarry, were taken aback when the

Independent Governance report made no mention of the funding issue.

There are issues with Murdoch MacLennan, the SPFL Chairman, who edited the report  before sending it to the

member clubs. In a united letter to the board, the clubs have requested  greater openness in these transactions.

On February 8, McGarry stated in the Glasgow Times: “With the animosity between Rangers and the club at the

time, the SPFL frequently painted criticisms of Rangers’ governance during that row as being agenda-driven.

Shocking News: Rangers shock is disclosed amid increasing debate.
Shocking News: Rangers shock is disclosed amid increasing debate.

However, that is a much harder line to push in this instance with such a wide range of signatories to the complaint.

Herald Sport is aware that clubs were taken aback to see that the report they received contained no mention of the

Cinch disagreement at all, with many of them believing that this amounted to the SPFL “grading their own

homework.” Aberdeen was the only team to provide feedback for the report, but they are still quite unhappy with

how the procedure was The clubs felt they had no choice but to take this action due to the erosion of trust and

confidence in the SPFL leadership’s competence. This was compounded by broader concerns regarding the absence

of a plan to implement the recommendations made by the club-led Deloitte report, which was released last year with

the aim of increasing revenue for the Scottish game.

Rangers are quite justified in being enraged.

Rangers have every reason to be incensed at the SPFL administration for allegedly manipulating the Independent

Governance report and for lacking transparency, which raises major questions about the leadership’s integrity.

It is very concerning that clubs, who supported the preparation of the research, were not given access to the entire

document in spite of repeated demands. Roger Mitchell, the former CEO of the SPFL, has expressed his dismay at

the state of affairs and demanded quick action. Its credibility is further damaged by the apparent bias in the report’s

editing process, which saw only one club other than SPFL Board members provide feedback. Rangers’ worries during

the “cinch dispute” seem to have been justified because the report purportedly made no mention of the controversial

matter, implying that the league’s interests were being purposefully protected rather than actual governance

problems. It’s encouraging to see Rangers get support from other teams, as MacLennan can no longer fulfill his duty.

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