“Recipe for Disaster” – Ex-ref in Rangers v Celtic ‘Recipe for Disaster’ claim

“Recipe for Disaster” – Ex-ref in Rangers v Celtic ‘Recipe for Disaster’ claim

“Recipe for Disaster” – Ex-ref in Rangers v Celtic ‘Recipe for Disaster’ claim

According to Stuart Dougal, matches like Rangers vs Celtic are a “recipe for disaster” when it comes to introducing a blue card in football.

The former referee told PLZ Soccer’s The Football Show on 9 February that the idea of a 10-minute sin bin, which has been set for Ifab trials [Guardian, 8 February],

isn’t helpful because it won’t work for dissent and the yellow card should be used better instead,

while it would be impossible to use in key, late scenarios.

Tam McManus was also opposed to the concept,

believing it would complicate matters for referees and arguing that it should be a neutral hue for Old Firm derbies.

McManus (3m) stated: “I’m not for it, especially in Glasgow; I mean, a blue card? You may be able to get away with it elsewhere,

but not in Glasgow. Green and blue would have to be separate colours.”

“I can see the back page headlines week in, week out, can’t you?” Responded Peter Martin.

“That’s crazy. It’s a ludicrous thought to me, and I don’t see it occurring at all,” McManus added.

Dougal later added: “Can you image, 10 minutes remaining in the Old Firm game? When the score is 0-0 and there is some dissent,

do you send a player off for 10 minutes with a blue card? From my perspective, it’s a prescription for disaster.”

“Recipe for Disaster” - Ex-ref in Rangers v Celtic 'Recipe for Disaster' claim
“Recipe for Disaster” – Ex-ref in Rangers v Celtic ‘Recipe for Disaster’ claim

Rangers and Celtic scenario cited as blue cards are ridiculed.

Old Firm derbies, like any high-stakes game, have the ability to transform every refereeing decision into a controversy,

and blues cards would almost certainly be no exception.

On paper, the concept of a sin bin makes some logic, but considering how VAR has generally been bungled by those

who use it and regularly annoys everyone involved, a new card is certain to exacerbate the situation.

There has been no shortage of perplexing VAR judgments in games between the two sides of Glasgow in recent seasons,

with Willie Collum the focus again when he was assigned a Light Blues’ game (against Ayr United) for the first time since his duty as

the video assistant in  the most recent derby and quickly ruled out an Alistair Johnston handball shout.

However, the notion that a blue card would be ineffective in the derby because it is Rangers’ colour rather than Celtic’s is absurd.

Rangers vs Celtic is viewed as a major argument not to implement the new measure.

There are lots of teams throughout the world that play in red, and even yellow,

without every single match turning into a dispute about bias because of the color of the cards.

Because there is “fierce opposition” to the ideas from many places [Telegraph, 9 February],

it may not be an issue that Scottish football ever needs to deal with,

but overwhelming hostility could be the quickest way to get it implemented full-time given how popular most rule changes are.

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