“It’s clear something isn’t right at the club” Boyd slams Rodgers as Rangers hero questions Celtic strategy

“It’s clear something isn’t right at the club” Boyd slams Rodgers as Rangers hero questions Celtic strategy

Kris Boyd has taken aim at Brendan Rodgers, the manager of Celtic, and asked why the former manager of Leicester and Liverpool came back to the team.


Kris Boyd
Kris Boyd

The Rangers hero mentioned that in terms of goals and points, the Scottish champions are in worse shape now than they were at this time last year.

Adam Idah’s late penalty against Hibernian on Wednesday night at Easter Road kept Celtic atop the league by three points.

However, Boyd believes that the outcome just covers up gaps. He said, “I was expecting the 2016–17 Rodgers to return and take Celtic by storm again,” in a column for the Scottish Sun.

Instead, as demonstrated by Wednesday’s appalling performance against Hibs, Parkhead supporters are witnessing a very different boss.

“Yes, two penalties helped Celtic win the match, and it might prove to be a crucial three points.

Yes, they still lead and have a chance to win the championship despite an improving Rangers squad.

However, as I stated on Sky Sports, a robbery was the outcome. And based on the response, Celtic supporters are even more concerned that Philippe Clement’s team will defeat them as a result of that Easter Road performance.

“It’s obvious that something is off at the club. The team that won the Triple Crown the previous year has underachieved far too much.

“After 25 Premiership games last season, they are nine points and twenty-one goals worse off.

However, that only scratches the surface of a season that has generated a great deal of uncertainty regarding Rodgers’ return.

The 50-year-old player’s conversation with the Celtic board to persuade him to come back has also left the former Scotland international perplexed.

“When [Ange] Postecoglou first left for Tottenham, the Northern Irishman privately made it clear he wasn’t interested,” he said.

“What happened to convince him a second stint there was a good idea is anybody’s guess.”

“Exactly what vision Dermot Desmond and the Celtic board sold him, I don’t know — but it surely wasn’t this,” he said.

“This season, watching Rodgers and Celtic has been like watching a couple try one last marriage after a failed marriage.

“The first attempt ultimately failed, and it appears that the second attempt was a mistake.

“It appears certain that the reunion won’t endure over time, win or lose the title.

On Wednesday, he gave Easter Road his best shot, and his face was filled with relief. It’s hard for me to recall ever

seeing him that way in his lengthy tenure as a manager. Rodgers was aware of the significance of the victory for both

himself and his team. “The Hoops punters, who have been directing their anger to the boardroom instead of the

dugout, were on the verge of turning on him, big time.”

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