‘Finally’ – David Edgar reacts as club chief slams ‘Embarrassing’ SPFL over Rangers

‘Finally’ – David Edgar reacts as club chief slams ‘Embarrassing’

SPFL over Rangers

‘Finally’ – David Edgar reacts as club chief slams ‘Embarrassing’ SPFL over Rangers

David Edgar claims that when Stenhousemuir’s chairman criticized the league for their

“embarrassing” Rangers climbdown, other teams are “finally” beginning to see how

poorly the SPFL is handled.

After the Scottish League Two team released a statement on February 9th, supporting the

Light Blues and five other Premiership clubs, citing “serious concerns” about the league executive

and their handling of the Independent Governance Report [Chris Jack, 8 February],

the man behind Four Lads Had A Dream responded on Twitter.

'Finally' - David Edgar reacts as club chief slams 'Embarrassing'SPFL over Rangers
‘Finally’ – David Edgar reacts as club chief slams ‘Embarrassing’
SPFL over Rangers

The letter of concern was sent by Rangers, Motherwell, Livingston, Aberdeen, St Johnstone,

and St Mirren. It focused attention on CEO Neil Doncaster and chairman Murdoch MacLennan.

Edgar responded when Stenhousemuir added their own voice.

“After being assured for almost two years that the SPFL were in the right to continue

this dispute with Rangers, we were surprised to receive, without warning, a copy of a news

release that seemed to be an embarrassing climbdown,” the club said in reference to a

statement made by chairman Iain McMenemy on their official Twitter account.

“The SPFL was forced to acknowledge their error, compensate Rangers, and pay legal fees.”

‘Finally’ – David Edgar reacts as club chief slams ‘Embarrassing’ SPFL over Rangers

“Other teams finally finding out just how poorly the SPFL is run,” Four Lads commented in response.

Motherwell and Aberdeen were among the teams that joined Rangers in their criticism.

Disputations with the authorities create the impression that the Light Blues are on the outside looking in,

and at times they seem to be shunned by the rest of the Scottish football hierarchy.

However, it appears that things are beginning to turn around if a sizable number of teams continue

to participate; as a result, MacLennan and Doncaster will undoubtedly under pressure.

It is impossible to view the boldly stated assertion on the Cinch sponsorship fiasco as anything other

than an embarrassment and a defeat after being shown to be incorrect and forced to retract it.

It is understandable that other clubs could have lost faith in the executive as a consequence,

and it is a poor impression on the league office if their purported inquiry of that failure is also

causing members to become dissatisfied.

Furthermore, the current state of affairs can serve as further proof that the Rangers were right

to stand their position and prevail following that descent.

Furthermore, the SPFL seems to have really blown this opportunity to come across this badly,

since the club hasn’t exactly been flawless in previous years when it comes to legal battles

for ostensibly pointless matters.

In other Rangers news, after turning down every contract offer from Hearts,

Lawrence Shankland can no longer be made to stay.

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