‘He’s an imitation’ – Simon Jordan takes dig at manager, delivers Rangers & Celtic title verdict

‘He’s an imitation’ – Simon Jordan takes dig at manager, delivers Rangers & Celtic title verdict

Regarding the Rangers vs. Celtics championship game and whether Brendan Rodgers is comparable to Philippe Clement, Simon Jordan has voiced his opinions.

Rangers vs. Celtics championship game
Rangers vs. Celtics championship game

He’s been blown away by the manager of the Gers, but the Celtic boss has left him feeling very disappointed. Even so,

he believes the Hoops will continue to win the championship despite the fact that the Gers are playing well right now

and strengthened in January.

According to the Daily Record, he stated on talkSPORT, “We saw with Michael Beale, we had a year of it and he

wasn’t capable of it.” Not in his current professional stage. Now that there hasn’t been much of a personnel

difference, this other guy [Clement] has effectively turned the proverbial water into a small amount of wine.

Rangers must take advantage of Celtic’s and Rodgers’ inconsistent play.

Jordan leaves out important details in his analysis of the championship game and the Clement-Rodgers comparison.

Jordan berates Rodgers for his performance at Celtic Park but commends the Belgian for his managerial impact at

Ibrox. Even so, this season under Clement, the Gers have been more reliable and dominant than they have been

under Rodgers during his longer stay at Celtic.

The idea that Celtic is still the favorite to win the championship runs counter to the Ibrox team’s improved

performance in the league and on the field right now.

Rangers must keep up their current momentum and put in more effort behind the scenes if they hope to take

advantage of Celtic’s inconsistent play and win the championship.

Moreover, a strong rotation of the squad and tactical flexibility can guarantee season-long success.

In addition, Gers need to concentrate on continuing their stellar defensive record and playing clinically in front of

goal. Prior to Celtic’s most recent game, the two teams were level on points and Clement was clearly in a good

position because there was only a goal differential separating them.

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