Unmissable: Could IND vs ENG Tests Rewrite History for Indian Cricket?

Unmissable: Could IND vs ENG Tests Rewrite History for Indian Cricket?

Unmissable: Could IND vs ENG Tests Rewrite History for Indian Cricket?

It looks like this England series will be the most thrilling to be played in India. Both the ways Bazball can succeed and fail are known to the teams. As one team starts to resemble the other’s playing style, that information will become crucial over the course of the next three Test matches. India might give up some of its too cautious tactics, while England might discover that sometimes defense is the greater part of bravery. The procedure will be entertaining to watch.

IND vs ENG Tests | This could finish as the finest series ever played in India

England had promised to pursue 600 even. However, it’s usually a good idea to have an anchor that the others can play around. Bazball shouldn’t imply discarding previous teachings. In the days before the Bazball, Joe Root would have been crucial on a fourth-day track that was still forgiving to batters. Here, he performed with the desperate effort of a young student attempting to win over his coach. Ben Stokes attempted a run in that casual way that seems odd for those who don’t want to look desperate as if to make up for it. They both had to pay the price.

Following England’s victory in the first Test, captain Stokes stated he had picked up some tips from his opponent. Perhaps Rohit Sharma would have reciprocated the courtesy following the Vizag Test. Although he still had a propensity to get defensive quickly, he attacked with the best Bazball technique when it mattered. Little Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubhman Gill struck the ball hard and repeatedly, while the legendary Jasprit Bumrah was always there to help India get a wicket.

There hasn’t been an Indian bowler who threatened every time he had the ball in hand since Bhagwat Chandrasekhar. The unplayable ball appeared to be in close proximity.

The way the yorker mangled the stumps (Ollie Pope, Stokes) was a visual delight, but there were also cerebral delights (Joe Root, Jonny Bairstow), such as setting up a batter who is then tricked by the delivery’s angle or pace. Does Bumrah currently stand as the best fast bowler created by India?

It was evident from seeing two masters at work that this could be the best home series ever, with every possibility that it goes into the fifth Test all square. Jimmy Anderson, who is 41 years old, still has more tricks up his sleeve than a card sharp.

India and the West Indies were knotted 2-2 about fifty years ago. India, led by captain Tiger Pataudi, won the next two Test matches after losing the first two to Clive Lloyd’s struggling team. In the decider, Lloyd achieved a double century on his own. Viv Richards and Gordon Greenidge were two young players who made their debuts; fast bowler Andy Roberts, in just his second series, demonstrated what a force he would become with 32 wickets. In Bengaluru, Alvin Kallicharran scored a sophisticated century.

India’s batting was held together by Gundappa Viswanath. Four times in a row, the spin trio helped bowl out the West Indies for less than 250. Indian cricket was given a second chance after being thrashed 3-0 in England.

In the current trend of two-Test and one-off Test matches, a five-Test series is required to fully explore the format’s potential. Furthermore, a match that mimics the highs and lows of a single game like this one laughs off concerns about the future of Test cricket. The England team, who have embraced a vulnerable yet attractive style of play, deserves a lot of the credit for this. For the spectator, that is a winning mix, and it doesn’t matter if the game ends in four days. This typically only occurs when a fifth day becomes available.

England has accepted that they might lose. In any case, altering their current strategy at the first hint of weakness would be dishonest. A retreat would betray all of the hard work that has been done thus far. Not all teams should play bazball. For England to even consider it, a combination of coach and captain is needed.

As a captain and cricket player, Stokes is outstanding. He is headed for the elite spot held by the likes of Mike Brearley, Ray Illingworth, and Andrew Strauss. Maybe he’s already there.

This series will see captaincy play a significant role going forward. At least some of the evaluations of captains in the future will be derived from this experience.

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