Steelers Hoping for a “Splash” at QB to Break Their Playoff Losing Run

Steelers Hoping for a “Splash” at QB to Break Their Playoff Losing Run

Steelers Hoping for a “Splash” at QB to Break Their Playoff Losing Run

The Pittsburgh Steelers would benefit more from adding Ryan Tannehill as a free agent quarterback, according to Brad Spielberger in an interview with Pro Football Focus. To this day, Kirk Cousins‘ primary landing location is still the Steelers, according to Spielberger.

Spielberger remarked, “The Tennessee days with [Ryan Tannehill and Arthur Smith] make him the easier connection.” But I also wonder if the Steelers sit there and think, ‘Hey, we’ve had a number of years when we’ve gone 9-8, 10-7, with quarterback play that is, to put it mildly, replacement level. Below average, without a doubt.

“I believe that next year, Cameron Heyward will turn 35. Soon, T.J. Watt will turn thirty.
Although I’m sure he’ll be fine for a few more years, they might decide to make a little more of an announcement.
We believe we can win a few playoff games with everything remaining the same if we sign Kirk Cousins, but adding a quarterback is a definite upgrade.

Mike Tomlin

Steelers Hoping for a “Splash” at QB to Break Their Playoff Losing Run

“It’s there that Pittsburgh becomes fascinating,”

It’s still possible for Cousins to re-sign with the Minnesota Vikings, but this summer he will be the best quarterback available in the NFL.

Cousins is 76-67-2 as a starter in the NFL and will turn 36 in August. Before sustaining a torn Achilles tendon on October 29, 2023, he guided the Vikings to a 4–4 record.

Additionally, Cousins has a 1-3 postseason record. In 2024, the Steelers want to snap a five-game losing streak in the playoffs.

Kenny Pickett Not Appropriate for Arthur Smith’s Crime?
Clearly, Cousins is a better option than Kenny Pickett. That cannot be disputed.

Not only did Spielberger think Cousins would fit in well with the Steelers, but he also thought Smith’s offense would not be a good fit for Pickett.

“I’m not saying Arthur Smith can’t change,” said Spielberger. “However, his past actions, along with those of Kenny Pickett and this offense, are not identical in any manner, shape, or form.”

Spielberger cited sprints into the outside zone and plays-action passes as examples.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Would Gain from Adding Kirk Cousins
Though, as an offensive coordinator, Cousins is still preferable to Pickett.

Seven times in his twelve NFL seasons, Cousins has surpassed 4,000 passing yards. In three seasons, he has also thrown 30 touchdown passes.

Pickett has thrown for 4,474 yards and just 13 touchdowns in 25 NFL games.

Though his recuperation has gone well, Cousins’ Achilles injury may still be a concern. “We got probably another three or four months to go, whatever it may be. But I’m excited [about] getting out the other side and playing next season,” Cousins told CBS Sports’ Isabel Gonzalez. “I’ll probably appreciate playing more than I ever have before.” Spielberger pointed out that signing Cousins would be a splash, meaning it will cost a bunch of money.

Cousins signed a $35 million fully guaranteed contract to play in 2023.

The veteran quarterback has a below.500 postseason record, but with Pittsburgh’s defense behind him, maybe he could have greater playoff success in Smith’s scheme.

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