Broncos Open to Patrick Surtain Trade for QB Upgrade: Insider Reports

Broncos Open to Patrick Surtain Trade for QB Upgrade: Insider Reports

Broncos Open to Patrick Surtain Trade for QB Upgrade: Insider Reports

Broncos Open to Patrick Surtain Trade for QB Upgrade: Insider Reports

According to allegations that first surfaced on NBC Sports Chicago, the Broncos may be prepared to trade Patrick Surtain in the 2024 NFL draft in order to acquire a quarterback.

The Bears will have to make a big choice this offseason.

Is it wise to select a quarterback with the first overall choice in the draft? Alternatively, should they give it up to keep Justin Fields and gather more assets in the future?

This early in the offseason, the general consensus is that Caleb Williams of USC is too good to pass up. But could possible trade packages convince the Bears?

According to reports, the Denver Broncos are on a desperate search for a new signal caller following the failure of their Russell Wilson experiment.

“Unless a blockbuster deal is presented to them, there is currently not much wiggle room for any of those teams ready to move down. Additionally, cornerback Patrick Surtain would undoubtedly be included in a blockbuster deal from the Denver Broncos.

Tony Pauline wrote and reported for Sportskeeda. “I’m told that even though the team doesn’t want to trade Surtain, they would consider moving the corner only as a last result to secure one of the top passers.”

It’s important to note that Williams and Broncos head coach Sean Payton get along well.

Payton believes so highly in Williams’ ability that he even stated Williams could alter the NFL’s structure.

On “The Herd” in November 2022, Payton stated of Williams, “I think he’s a generational player.” “…

The NFL [draft] will eventually switch to a lottery system.” This player might act in that manner.”

The Broncos currently hold the No. 12 pick in the NFL draft. That’s a long, long way from the first pick, especially given the worth of the top quarterbacks available in this year’s draft.

That implies that in order to go that high, or even close to the top choice, the Broncos would need to offer everything they had.

That’s just pure conjecture, but it would require a number of first-round selections plus Day 2 picks to pull out.

In addition, Surtain, or another elite player, would need to be available. All things considered, that is a really alluring offer.

The ninth overall choice in the 2021 NFL draft was Surtain, 23.

Surtain has been selected to two Pro Bowls and one first-team All-Pro selection in 2022 thus far in his three-year career.

In his career, he has recorded 187 tackles, 36 pass blocks, one forced fumble, seven interceptions, and one pick-six. Over his career, he has consistently kept the targets of opposing quarterbacks below 60%, making him an excellent covering corner.

That is very remarkable. And that’s on a Denver team that finished last season with just 21 sacks—a squad that hardly presses the quarterback.

Can you picture Surtain on the other end with Jaylon Johnson? Together, they would be unstoppable.

And the Bears, a team that has always prioritized defense, would undoubtedly be interested in such an offer.

It’s also possible for the Bears to make a few trades in the draft.

The teams behind them, the Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, and Washington Commanders, all require a quarterback. Saying that they could carry out several trade-down scenarios wouldn’t be absurd.

But they will have to exercise extreme self control to turn down the numerous offers that will undoubtedly surface this offseason if they truly believe that Caleb Williams, or any other QB prospect, could advance their offense farther than Fields can.

The front office and Ryan Poles have a challenging assignment ahead of them. If they decide to trade down from the top pick, they will still have a lot of options in the draft and trade market.

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