Mark Andrews Return a ‘Great Advantage’ For Ravens

Mark Andrews Return a ‘Great Advantage’ For Ravens

The AFC Championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday will finally have All-Pro

tight end Mark Andrews back for the first time after weeks of speculation.

Mark Andrews Return a ‘Great Advantage’ For Ravens
Mark Andrews Return a ‘Great Advantage’ For Ravens

After Andrews’ injury, second-year tight end Isaiah Likely filled in well, and now the two might be a lethal combination in

Todd Monken’s passing attack for the Ravens. This season, Baltimore’s offence has averaged 28.4 points per game, which

places them fourth.

Head coach John Harbaugh believes that having a player of Andrews’ calibre join the team on Sunday will be a huge benefit.

“Adding a player like Mark is a great advertisement for us, because our offence is what it is right now,” Harbaugh remarked.

“Mark’s been looking good the last couple of weeks, he’s merged into the game plan as we built it this week and that’s what

we’ll be running with on Sunday, so it’s a great advantage, we’re excited about it.

” With the 34-10 victory over the Houston Texans, the Ravens defeated the 2019 demons, putting them in the best position to

win a Super Bowl since 2012. Now, a home championship game awaits.

Baltimore, who has been among the league’s most reliable teams all season, is one victory away from taking the AFC to the Super Bowl. But first,

even though Harbaugh claims his players are prepared to play, it has to destroy Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

They’re thrilled, according to Harbaugh. “It’s difficult to continue playing in a game this size; it takes a lot to get to this point.

They want to play their hardest and put their best foot forward because they know they want to do well, so that’s how they’re

thinking. They’re thrilled to play the game.

Lamar Jackson called the match a “heavyweight” match, and with the Chiefs, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, playing in

their sixth consecutive AFC Championship game and the Ravens being among the top teams in the NFL this season,

the match seems perfect. The Ravens will benefit greatly from being at home and from having Andrews back in the lineup for

the first time since Week 11’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Baltimore’s offense was high-octane without Andrews, so one can only imagine what it could look like on Sunday.

While we shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on Andrews to have a big game, he has the talent to make life very difficult

for the Chiefs defense.

Monken and Jackson have an additional weapon at their disposal, which they feel will be sufficient to overcome the Chiefs,

given the abundance of talent they already have on offence.

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