Derrick Henry Training in Dallas Amid Speculation Over Cowboys Move

Derrick Henry Training in Dallas Amid Speculation Over Cowboys Move

Derrick Henry might be the answer to the questions the Dallas Cowboys need to answer at running back. As he plans his next move,

Henry—one of the league’s most recognisable running backs—is being trained in Dallas.

Derrick Henry Training in Dallas Amid Speculation Over Cowboys Move
Derrick Henry Training in Dallas Amid Speculation Over Cowboys Move

On January 27, @LawsNation sparked discussion by posting a video of Henry working out at the SandersFit Performance Centre.

The Tennessee Titans running back is seen working out in different ways inside the facility with a trainer.

“The #Cowboys should consider adding Derrick Henry to their roster,” the post reads.

“The ex-#Titans running back is actively engaged in offseason training alongside Dr. Ashley Reichert, PT, DPT, at @SandersFit in Dallas, TX.

As a free agent, Henry would be a great addition for the Cowboys…”

After initially joining the Titans in 2016, Henry is anticipated to leave the organisation and explore free agency.

In what felt like a farewell statement, he thanked supporters in retrospect following Tennessee’s last regular season game.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that this is just conjecture and that Henry might sign with the Cowboys.

Dallas isn’t even “currently” interested in signing the four-time Pro Bowler, according to’s Mike Fisher.

Derrick Henry Still Playing at High Level in 2023

If the Cowboys do look to free agency over the NFL draft for their next RB, they could do a lot worse than Henry.

Despite celebrating his 30th birthday recently, he has still been effective.

Henry had an average of 4.2 yards per carry last season, which led to 1167 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns,

according to Pro Football Reference.

Henry led the league with 280 rushes, so it goes without saying that he isn’t reaching those totals without receiving a tonne of

touches, but even while he was clearly Tennessee’s offensive centrepiece, he was still putting up big numbers.

Teams appear to understand the value of a two-back scheme, even though Henry won’t be able to return to the

level of his 2027-yard season in 2020 with Dallas or any other potential suitor.

After Ezekiel Elliott was released in 2023, the Cowboys were able to avoid that.

They were significantly less productive with Tony Pollard as a lead back.

Dallas averaged and gained over 400 fewer yards on the ground in 2022 than they did in 2022.each attempt, two yards less.

Henry Could Be Reasonably Priced Option for Cowboys

While Dallas has significant steps to take in order to offer contract extensions and make signings,

Henry should be available for a reasonable price.

Although he’s wrapping up a four-year, $50 million, he’s expected to take a sizable pay cut.

Spotrac projects him for a $4.3 million salary. Considering his track record, that feels like a small investment.

Even if the Cowboys were to sign Henry as a secondary back, his skills in short-yardage situations would be huge.

But that’s where any team interested in Henry has questions to answer. Entering his 30-year-old season,

should he be getting around 15 handoffs a game?

Will he want to sign with a team if he’s being used as the second option rather than the first?

Whether the Cowboys look at Henry or not, his free agency saga will be one to monitor.

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