Cowboys’ $62 Million Dollar Mistake: Time to Cut Michael Gallup

Cowboys’ $62 Million Dollar Mistake: Time to Cut Michael Gallup

A few years back, the Cowboys signed the wrong wide receiver, and ever since, Michael Gallup’s contract has been

among the worst that Dallas has ever made.

Cowboys’ $62 Million Dollar Mistake: Time to Cut Michael Gallup
Cowboys’ $62 Million Dollar Mistake: Time to Cut Michael Gallup

Gallup has not had a season with more than 500 yards in any of his previous three seasons. Nevertheless, they agreed to a

five-year, $62 million contract extension with him in March 2022.

Twelve times. This season, Gallup has had two or fewer catches in a game on that number of occasions. He didn’t even

record a catch in three games.

Ironically, he played his finest game against the Packers during the playoffs. With six receptions, he gained 103 yards.

That doesn’t matter though, he isn’t worth 60 million dollars.

Post June Cut

The Cowboys, facing a league-wide 2024 cap ceiling of $242 million. Dallas is currently about $20 million “over the cap.”

They don’t have to worry about being on line or under until the start of the NFL business year which is March 13th.

They will have plenty of ways to make this work, the first will be by reworking the deal of right tackle, Terence Steele.

The big one though is if they cut Gallup post-June 1 they can save over $9 million in space.

It’s time to move on from him; we’ve seen enough since his ACL tear, and he isn’t regaining the over 1,000 yards he once possessed.

Among the worst decisions this team has made in recent memory is trading Amari Cooper and adding Gallup.

The issue is that Jerry Jones adores being devoted to his players, and it is currently biting him in the rear.

In the second or third round of this year’s draft, I would cut Gallup and select a young, less expensive wide receiver.

For $60 million less than you are paying Gallup, you can acquire a younger player who has never suffered a knee injury.

Going Forward

The Cowboys have Jalen Tolbert who gave the team more production than Gallup. With all that said, this team will have to

pay Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons.

This team will have to make room somehow, and let’s be real, they are not getting rid of Prescott.

Yes, he stinks in the playoffs, but you are not going to find anyone in the draft as late at pick 24, or in free agency that will

come in and produce like him.

He was a finalist for MVP, I mean he gets them to the playoffs every year.

Gallup is replaceable.

The window for this team is closing and there is no point to keep 60 million dollars on the roster when he can’t even produce 500 yards.

The next few months are going to be interesting. Mike McCarthy is coaching for his career in 2024, Dan Quinn might be back

if he doesn’t get a head coaching job.

This team has some issues they need to fix, but it starts with clearing enough room to be able to sign the stars they have right now.

Thanks for the one good season, Gallup, you will not be missed my friend.

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