Rumor: Dallas Cowboys Could Ship Dak Prescott for Talented QB

Rumor: Dallas Cowboys Could Ship Dak Prescott for Talented QB

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys will have to endure yet another trying offseason after the team was once again unable to go deep into the playoffs.

Rumor: Dallas Cowboys Could Ship Dak Prescott for Talented QB
Rumor: Dallas Cowboys Could Ship Dak Prescott for Talented QB

Some analysts are already speculating about crazy trades because they believe it’s time to move on from Dak Prescott.

Jerry Jones and company are aware that it would be difficult to replace the eight-year Mississippi State veteran.

One name, though, is circulating in the trade rumors, and it would likely persuade the vocal team owner to take action to improve his team’s quarterback position.

Will the Dallas Cowboys Trade Dak Prescott for Justin Fields?

According to Matthew Schmidt of the NFL Analysis Network, the Chicago Bears are in the position to provide the 2023 NFC East champions with the

perfect man under center that will allow them to retool their roster while remaining competitive in Justin Fields.

The Bears have the first overall pick that they could use to draft Caleb Williams out of USC.

However, they could use the pick to select another playmaker should they manage to get their hands on a more established signal-caller like Prescott

that would allow them to be competitive in the tough NFC North.

Should this fictitious trade materialize, the Bears would benefit greatly with the acquisition of the current Dallas quarterback one.

4516 throwing yards, 36 touchdowns, and nine interceptions were his final season totals.

Furthermore, he might benefit from a change of scenery to help him overcome his postseason slump.

How green will the Fields be in Arlington?

Some Dallas fans may look at Fields as an unsuitable replacement for Dak.

However, Fields at the AT&T Stadium makes more sense if Jones is looking for a soft rebuild while remaining competitive.

Although Justin’s stats may seem meager when compared to Dak’s, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Fields is a far superior player this season.

His career highs were 2662 passing yards, 9 interceptions, 197.1 yards gained per game, and 61.4 completion %.

Even though he hasn’t made much progress, he has had promising moments that would make any Dallas Cowboys supporter salivate.

Whether Jerry Jones and the rest of the Dallas front management believe Fields has what it takes to close the deal is now the issue.

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