The Dallas Cowboys could trade for Buffalo Bills star receiver

The Dallas Cowboys could trade for Buffalo Bills star receiver

This is how the Dallas Cowboys may trade acquire Stefon Diggs, the star wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, in exchange for a wide receiver package.

The Dallas Cowboys could trade for Buffalo Bills star receiver
The Dallas Cowboys could trade for Buffalo Bills star receiver

With their already low approval rating, the Dallas Cowboys might need to make a big move in order to pick up steam and win over fans.

It’s already getting more frustrating that Mike McCarthy plans to return as head coach next season.

By igniting trade rumours involving Stefon Diggs this summer, they could alter the course of events.

Let the trade rumours about Stefon Diggs start; following a disappointing season with the Buffalo Bills, he may be headed out of town.

The Bills’ postseason run was cut short after they were defeated by the Chiefs in Kansas City.

He may require a new squad in light of his poor performance in the fourth quarter, which included a missed field goal in the final seconds.

The Dallas Cowboys might be the group to spark the trade

The standout receiver is already being mentioned by RJ Ochoa of Bleacher Report as a possible trade candidate for the Cowboys.

Considering that Trevon Diggs, his brother, is a playmaker, this move would make sense.

The only arduous thing that the Cowboys might have to do is part with a player in a package transaction.

Jerry Jones might have some tricks in his sleeve, so this could happen.

It should be something to look at as the front office may want to fire up the fans to get them watching again after many claimed that they are frustrated and won’t watch another game.

Stefon Diggs Trade would make a significant hump over Brandin Cooks

The Wide Receiver Swap

Diggs would be a significant upgrade over the current Cowboys wide receiver, Brandin Cooks.

It’ll likely come down to Dallas needing to add more to the deal.

They may include multiple picks to make the deal work. That’s all up to the Bills, though, they haven’t talked about moving him at all.

Trevon Diggs has dreamt about his brother, Stefon coming to Dallas.

The Cowboys haven’t had one ounce of legit success in the playoffs.

One thing that probably every cowboy could agree on is that they’re regular-season warriors. Stefon could be the juice that Dallas is missing and it would be huge for them to stock up.

Cooks has only been with Dallas for a year so it wouldn’t be a big loss, per se.

The only hit the Cowboys could take other than their cap, is the amount of draft picks.

Dallas is always going young on their roster so it’s something that is a big risk they could take.

However, there is a huge Wide Receiver pairing that could be on the horizon.

Ceedee Lamb Could have a New Duo

This would be a dream come true for Dak Prescott who is running the offense and needs the weapons he can get.

Lamb has been taking on the heavy workload and Stefon coming in would help relieve some of that pressure.

This would be the new pair that can finally get some results for a deep playoff push.

If the Dallas front office is serious about change, then this is the move that can be considered.

With 107 receptions, Stefon has topped 1,000 yards in six consecutive seasons.

Lamb is carving out a place for himself by building his résumé.

For NFL secondaries, having Lamb and Stefon on the same club would be a nightmare.

With the move that would surprise the whole league, the Cowboys offence may become unstoppable.

Dallas would then have to acquire a fresh weapon to support Prescott and take some of the pressure off of Ferguson and Kavontae Turpin.

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