Top-3 Free Agents I Want the Dallas Cowboys to Retain

Top-3 Free Agents I Want the Dallas Cowboys to Retain

For good reason, Dallas Cowboys supporters were confident that this season had the finest opportunity to win a Super Bowl.

The clubs with the best quarterbacks need to take advantage of the talent disparity, as Dak Prescott was unquestionably the greatest passing quarterback in the NFC.

Sadly, the Cowboys were unable to take advantage, wilting like Bluebonnets after a Texas frost at home against the 7th-seeded Packers.

The roster of players who will be eligible for free agency is one of the primary reasons why this was the year to strike.

The Cowboys have 16 players with expiring contracts, and many of them are key players for depth and rotation.

Today I’d like to play a little game.

Out of the 16 looming free agents, if we could only pick the top three we’d want to return, which three would they be?

Here are my top three.

LT Tyron Smith

Some of you may be rolling your eyes reading this one, but hear me out.

Would it shock you to find out that Tyron Smith earned 2nd-team All-Pro in 2023, marking the fifth time he’s been rewarded with that accolade?

It’s also the first time since 2016 that he’s earned that honor.

So what changed?

Mainly it’s been the fact that Dallas decided to give Tyron a veteran rest day from practice essentially the entire season.

This change in routine saved wear and tear on Tyron’s body so he could perform to the peak of his abilities when it mattered most, during games.

Tyron is getting a little long in the tooth, but he showed us this season he’s still capable of being an elite left tackle.

Tyler Smith also earned All-Pro honors this season playing left guard, and I’d prefer to leave him there instead of kicking him out to left tackle.

Bring Tyron back on a one-year deal and draft the left tackle of the future for him to mentor.

CB Stephon Gilmore

CB Stephon Gilmore is another veteran that I hope stays in Dallas for a another season.

In 2023, Gilmore was a valuable veteran presence in a fairly youthful secondary room, and he played solid football.

Despite not winning any awards this season, the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year was a valuable addition to the defense.

This became particularly clear early in the season when Dallas lost All-Pro wide receiver Trevon Diggs due to an ACL tear.

The Cowboys weren’t able to weather injuries to their cornerback room in 2022, and it was a big part of their exit from the playoffs.

Gilmore brings stability to one of the boundaries and will allow Diggs some time to make a full recovery from his torn ACL without a huge talent drop-off.

Maybe Gilmore will willing to accept a team-friendly deal to avoid moving to his fifth team in the past five years.

First-team All-Pro DaRon Bland could also use another year of tutoring from one of the best to ever lace up his cleats.

C Tyler Biadasz

This one is perhaps the most controversial of my picks, but despite Tyler Biadasz’s flaws as a run-blocker, I think it’s important to maintain continuity for Prescott.

It’s easy to underestimate the connection between the center and the quarterback but just think about the history.

Troy Aikman played his best football taking snaps from Mark Stepnoski.

Tony Romo had his most successful years with Travis Frederick in the middle of the line making the calls.

Whatever you think of Biadasz, since he was drafted in 2020, he has been that reliable for Prescott.

Biadasz is just one season removed from his first and only Pro Bowl appearance, however he was not selected for 2023.

Dak might cost a little more because of that one award, but Dallas should be able to work out a three-year contract to keep him at the quarterback position.

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