‘Absolutely Phenomenal’ – Ferguson thrilled with ‘Brilliant’ Rangers decision amid Ibrox news

‘Absolutely Phenomenal’ – Ferguson thrilled with ‘Brilliant’ Rangers decision amid Ibrox news

We’re excited to have Derek Ferguson, a former Ibrox star, as our exclusive Rangers columnist. Every week, he’ll share his thoughts on the most talked-about topics in Govan.

'Absolutely Phenomenal' - Ferguson thrilled with 'Brilliant' Rangers decision amid Ibrox news
‘Absolutely Phenomenal’ – Ferguson thrilled with ‘Brilliant’ Rangers decision amid Ibrox news

Derek Ferguson, a former player with the Rangers, praised the “brilliant decision” to relocate the “absolutely phenomenal” Union Bears to a new singing section of Ibrox starting in the upcoming season.

The proposals will see the Rangers ultras fan group moved from their currect position at the bottom-left corner of the Broomloan Road to a more prominent position housed at the Copland Front (The Scotsman, 4 January).

There are rumors that about 600 fans will have to give up their current season ticket seats, but Four Lads

Had A Dream revealed on January 4 that a recent fan survey found that 91% of respondents supported

the move, and Gers manager Philippe Clement and the players, who think the atmosphere created “helps

them greatly,” also gave the decision “overwhelming backing.”

Speaking only to Ibrox News, Ferguson believes this is a great move that will only benefit the squad on the field.

“It’s a great choice because, sometimes, when you go to an Ibrox game, you have to rely on the players to

get the crowd going, but the Union Bears set the tone right away,” the man remarked.

They’re really great at what they do, therefore I think housing them in the Copland behind the goal is

spot on. However, I think the Broomloan, in the corner, detracts from that.

“I think the ultras, or whatever you want to call them, are so vital at a game because why would you go to a football game if you didn’t have them?

It’s not just with Rangers, though. Look at other clubs throughout the nation. You choose the mood, and

these people do a fantastic job creating it and all that goes with it. In fact, I believe they ought to have a bigger role.

“I know some guys have had their season tickets for years, but you can’t please everyone. Hopefully, the

Rangers can make accommodations for them in a reasonable manner, and I believe they’re going to add a little bit more.”

“It’s good for football, I think, because I felt like it was approaching a point where you were going

somewhere, like a movie theater, and everyone was sitting there eating hamburgers, popcorn, and drinks

without singing, so you need these guys to set the mood.”

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