Carlos Alcaraz faces a frightening slide in his rankings prior to Medvedev showdown.

Carlos Alcaraz faces a frightening slide in his rankings prior to Medvedev showdown.

Although Carlos Alcaraz has been a bright star at Wimbledon thus far, a loss to Daniil Medvedev in Friday’s semifinal would be disastrous for his standing.

Alcaraz had 2,000 ranking points to protect going into Wimbledon following his thrilling victory against Novak Djokovic in the championship match of the previous year.

Carlos Alcaraz faces a frightening slide in his rankings prior to Medvedev showdown.
Carlos Alcaraz faces a frightening slide in his rankings prior to Medvedev showdown.

Alcaraz’s ranking points would decline if he could not duplicate that performance in the championship match, which would likely pit him against Djokovic once more.

However, losing against Medvedev in their most recent match would be particularly detrimental because it would push him down to No. 5 on the ATP rankings on Monday, placing him beneath his Russian opponent.

That would be noteworthy because Alcaraz might be seeded at No. 5 for the US Open the following month, which would allow him to face one of the top four seeds in the New York quarterfinals.

In that case, Alcaraz might face Medvedev in the US Open last eight, 24-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic in the semifinals, and Jannik Sinner in the championship match.

The runner-up in the Wimbledon ATP Rankings, Alexander Zverev of Germany, is already eliminated from the competition. He is presently ranked third in the live rankings.

If Medvedev defeats Alcaraz, he would rise to No. 4, while Sinner, who lost to Medvedev in the quarterfinals, will remain at No. 1 in the world for the time being.

Five incredible statistics about Carlos Alcaraz following his thrilling escape from the Frances Tiafoe Wimbledon thriller. Carlos Alcaraz, once again, puts Novak Djokovic in the shade at Wimbledon.

Alcaraz is the clear favorite going into his match against Medvedev, having defeated the Russian in convincing fashion at the same stage of the previous year’s Wimbledon.

Although he has a 4-2 winning record versus Medvedev and has won his last two meetings against the Russian, he was defeated by the Russian in the US Open semifinals last year.

To end a losing streak against Alcaraz, Medvedev thinks his victory over Sinner in the most recent round may be noteworthy.

Looking back at the victory over Sinner in the previous round, Medvedev remarked, “For me, what was important as I lost five times to him.”

several closely contested games. He found the previous one to be really simple. It is possible

It’s alright. For me, it was crucial to demonstrate that, should we both be on tour, we will likely play many more times—possibly in the semifinals, quarterfinals, finals, or something else entirely.

For me, it was crucial to just demonstrate that I would always be there, that I would fight, and that I would always attempt to make your life tough.

It’s possible that I will win more or that you will win more. I’m going to fight, but I’m not sure.

“The objective was to demonstrate to him that I will always be there to fight and prevail, even if he prevailed.

“I accomplished it today. does not guarantee that the following instance will be the same. That describes my attitude to some extent.

“Carlos had the same thing in the US Open last year. Carlos will experience the same thing in the semifinal.

To be really honest, I always want to know that anyone who opposes me has the potential to succeed or fail. It promises to be an intense battle. It promises to be an amazing contest for everyone involved—fans, opponent, and myself alike.

In Sunday’s Wimbledon final, the tennis world may be anticipating a rematch of last year’s match between Djokovic and Alcaraz, but Medvedev is keen to spoil the surprise.

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